Water Spot Drop Repellent Anti Fog Protector Cleaner Camera Lens Spray 15ml

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First water spot drop repellent that’s designed for your camera lenses, making taking the perfect shot in water or fog conditions easy and simple. Solution is different than a hydrophobic solution like Rain-X, which cannot protect your camera from the smaller drops. Solution has a chemical formula that causes water to clump together, forcing it off the lens and works in both salt and fresh water. Features: Capture the perfect shot without water getting in your way. This solution ensures your camera lens stays clear of spots, water drops, and fog while filming in wet conditions, letting you capture the perfect shot every single time. Comes in a compact 15ml bottle that will fit in any camera bag. The small size and ease of use make this a handy accessory for taking great shots while skiing, surfing, wakeboarding, tubing, fishing, swimming, boating, or just having a relaxing beach day. Safe for use on all camera housings including GoPro Hero 7, GoPro Hero 6, GoPro Hero 5, GoPro hero session, GoPro Fusion, GoPro Supersuit, Sony Action Cam & DSLR camera housings and can prevent fogging in snorkel masks as well. Drops can efficiently be utilized with over 100 uses per bottle. Each application will protect your camera from water droplets for the entire session you are in the water.

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