2 Pack T-Mobile Triple Cut 4G LTE Sim Card New Unactivate, All Size in One (3-in-1)

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Get your phone set up and ready to connect to the internet with this T-Mobile triple-cut LTE SIM card. This SIM card will fit either standard, micro or nano slots. This allows the card to work in newer and older phones. The SIM card is ready to activate with T-Mobile on the contract of your choice. It works in all types of phones that have replaceable SIM cards, and it can also be used in iPads.

  • "Triple-cut" SIM Card can be punched out for the desired size. Universal, 3-in-1 SIM
  • GSM Technology. Compatible with 3G, 4G and 4G LTE devices
  • Compatible with postpaid cellular service
  • No annual contract
  • SIM card only

    NOTE: After July 1st 2020 this card is only compatible with post paid service.
  • 30 Days