2 Pack Washable Pee Pads for Dogs Reusable Urine Incontinence XL Mats 30x36

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Has a new puppy arrived in your life, or are you sick and tired of the expensive disposable pee pads, and you're looking for a fail-safe alternative? This is great option your pet will love.

  • The 2 pack washable puppy pads can be washed and and reused many times. Reusable pee pads for dogs are up to 6 times cheaper than one use disposable pet pee pads.
  • The 30x36 size washable dog pee pads have an ultra waterproof back, which absorbs up to 32oz of liquid. Features a non-slip base to prevent accidents and leaks, keep your furniture, house, floor and clean & safe
  • Put the washable pee pads over a sofa, couch, carpet, car seat, trunk or bedding to prevent accidents or under food & water bowls for spills and splashing. Many such uses!
  • Reusable puppy pads feature beautiful design with stunning illustrations that decorate any small crate, kennel, indoor playpen or whelping and feeding area perfectly; The front quilted cloth offers the soft to the touch that puppies adore and the 4 layers material provide a comfort.
  • 30 Days