3-in-1 Moisture ph Light Tester Plant Garden Water Soil Monitor Testing Tool

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Do you worry about your plants over watering or not enough? Do you wonder if your plant is growing in suitable soil with correct light and pH they need?

3 in 1 pH / soil moisture / Light testing sensor would help you this information.

No batteries need / Accurate / Easy to use tool to keep your plants growing well.

  • Not only for testing soil moisture, but also soil pH value and sunlight level. You can gather data you get from our soil meter and make it easier to take care of your plants.
  • Double-prong enhances the accuracy and speed of soil pH and moisture you need to know. Large screen makes it easier to read
  • Insert the sensor probe into the soil about 2" - 4", toggle switch to test pH, moisture, sunlight, wait 5-10 minutes until the pointer stops swinging to get a stable reading on the scale.
  • Portable to anywhere you want. Know when adjust pH, to water, or change lighting for your plants and flowers. Promotes your plant growing in garden, home, farm, or lawn.
  • Only use it for soil testing. Don't use it to test water. Make sure to wipe your probe clean after between use every time for accuracy.
  • 30 Days