60 Pack Certified Compostable Biodegradable Premium Dog & Cat Waste Bags

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Pick up after your furry friend with Doggy Do Good Certified Compostable Premium Dog & Cat Waste Bags! These scent-free, tear-free, leak-proof waste bags are big, thick (20 microns thick) and tough, keeping the contents and unpleasant odors inside the bag where they belong. They are 38% vegetable based and made from corn starch, an annually renewable source, along with other bio-based proprietary components. Safer for the environment than polyethylene plastic bags, these bags break down in your properly managed home compost—this helps keep parks and neighborhoods green and clean! Since these waste bags are soft to the touch, they don’t stick to each other, which makes them very easy to open. And since they are scent-free they won’t bother pet parents who are sensitive to fragrances! Not only are they great for cleaning up after your canine or feline, but these 7 in x 13.4 in waste bags can also be used to clean out litter boxes.

  • These 38% vegetable-based waste bags are made from corn starch and other bio-based components, making them a great alternative to regular polyethylene plastic bags.
  • Responsible and clean, these bags break down in your properly managed home compost, making them safer for the environment!
  • Extra-thick (20 microns), leak-proof waste bags feature gusseted side panels that expand for maximum capacity (approximately 2.5 quarts/half a gallon).
  • 30 Days