4x8 Inch Pack of 60 Kisses Poly Bubble Mailers Labels and Thank You Stickers


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  • Every polybag contains a self-adhesive seal that makes sealing quick and easy. Its both waterproof and tearproof to provide optimal protection during shipping.
  • Keeping it safe from dirt, water, and rain while in transit.
  • Our bubble mailers contain a 2.5mm thick layer of air cushioning to prevent your goods from damage and tampering until delivery. It adds an extra layer of protection that normal envelopes simply don’t.
  • Provides a low-cost solution for everything from phone, cases, jewelry to cosmetic beauty products. Ideal for packaging goods in the office, in shops, at home, or at schools. Each bag is non-transparent to maintain privacy for items you pack inside. Great Design of black, pink, and metallic gold kisses with a lovely "Pretty things inside!" phrase on the back. Your customers will love it!
  • Additional padding helps eliminate the number of damaged goods sent back for returns. Shipping labels can be written by ballpoint pens, markers, or ink pens and are printed securely to the polyethylene sheet surface to decrease the number of lost packages which helps save you both time and money.

    Most mailers on the market use low-grade bubbles with cheap plastic that lack protection If you’re looking for the best quality and cost-effective bubble mailers available. Look no further. We’ve got the answer to all your shipping needs. Here is what makes Wants, Needs, and Basics Bubble Mailers So Special! Each #0 mailer padded with a bubble for protection will keep your shipment safe from damage and tampering until delivery is complete. Great for using it around the office, at home, or in the store.

    New and improved address boxes for your convenience. A regular ball pen, permanent markers, and ink pens will work great on these mailers. Just wait for a while to let your handwriting dry out, before touching the ink.
    Simply seal, peel, stick and you're all done. These seals are made extra strong to prevent tearing, puncturing, and tampering. With less than 0.4oz of weight and 6x9 inches of usable space, each mailer is small enough to use for “USPS First Class Mail”. This ensures fast deliveries while reducing costs for both business and personal use.
    Anything from photos, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, phones, accessories, cosmetic goods such as lipstick and eyeliners. You can add a personal touch with the 25 kisses pattern design mailers with address labels on them.