72 Hour (6 Piece) Natural Mosquito Repellent Smiley Patch - Kid Safe - No Deet

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Although sprays, lotions and bug zappers can be effective, the inconvenience and smell are often worse than the insects themselves. This is the most convenient bug repellent available, forget about bug spray, insect repellent clothing or insect repellent wipes, the Proshield Bug Repellent Patch is all you need--just put it on and forget it. Get yours today and watch the bugs fly away!
  • To Use: Tear off tin foil bag and take out the repellent patches from the attached sheet
  • Ingredient: 100% citronella oil
  • Effective time: Up to 72 hours
  • Usage: Stick on clothes(collar, sleeve, trouser etc)
  • Material: 120g non-woven
  • 30 Days