Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer Portable Nursery Storage Bin for Babies Car Travel Bag with Changing Mat

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Portable Nursery Storage Organizer for Babies Car Travel Bag with Changing Mat

  • Have all your little one’s products well kept and easy to reach. Our stylish and versatile organizer is a lovely asset, which fits well wherever you decide to use it: in the nursery room, inside the bathroom, on the back seat of a car, even next to a picnic blanket or a garden table. We improved its design by upper stitching the removable inserts, but feel free to take them out and turn this into a nursery basket or a neat toy storage bin.

  • 15×10.5×7” Ready to store all sorts of products, for both newborns and toddlers. Just pick it and put it inside so that it’s easy to reach whenever you decide. Whether it’s next to your bed at night, inside the car, or on your outside terrace, it will certainly make life easier. And since we want to make things easier, we added a waterproof changing pad, which will most likely come in very handy, baby-related.

  • It also makes it more durable over time. And since we are aware that this is a baby-related product, we paid much attention so that no chemicals would contaminate the felt during the whole production process.