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Take the work out of planning your party. This Bachelorette Party Kit has all the supplies you'll need to get the party started: 25 dare cards, 20 mugshot signs & 1 satin sash with pin. Instant Party: Just Add Venue Why rush from store to store searching for bachelorette party accessories? Your Cumo Props Bride Party Set has it all right here at your fingertips in one convenient bundle. Best of all, it's more cost-effective than purchasing your party props separately.

Bride Sash 33" long with gold pin
  • The luxurious satiny sash is emblazoned with "Bride to Be" in a glistening golden hue and comes with 1 premium goldtone pin for safely pinning the sash.

    20 Mugshot Signs
  • Each large 10" X 8" Mugshot Sign comes with a blank space you & your guests can personalize with your own zany titles & hashtags – simply use any dry-erase marker (not included).

  • If you don't feel like getting creative with writing your own hashtag, crime, or name you can always use the opposite side of the Mugshot Sign which has a more authentic feel.

  • What's more, this classy bachelorette set offers you premium quality – with thick, sturdy dare cards & mugshot signs that can withstand the wildest party. Plus, the scratch-off dares are never too risqué – slightly naughty, perhaps, but nice!

    Mugshot Sign Classic Realistic Side
  • Mugshot Signs - Side A Write your own hashtag, crime, or name with a dry erase marker on this more fun and lively side!

  • Mugshot Signs - Side B Keep it realistic and go for the classic mugshot look with this side.

    Package Included:
  • 25 Scratch-Off Dare Cards Game
  • Each sturdy Dare Card includes a section you can quickly scratch off to reveal a fun, hilarious dare. There is also a numbered Instruction Card that lists out each dare. That means you can either randomly hand out the dares or hand-select them according to your preference.
  • Here are some examples of the dares you will receive:
  • Use a cheesy pickup line to a stranger
  • Take a selfie with a bartender
  • Get a piggyback ride from a stranger
  • 90 Days