Bathroom Shower Drain Hair Catcher/Stainless Steel Drain Protector 1.75" Height

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Removing hair strands stuck on your bathroom strainer is probably one of the last things you would want to do. It’s icky, it’s inconvenient, especially if you need to unscrew some parts to remove the hairs.

If the cloggers aren’t removed in time, the blockage will build up fast, you may end up hiring a plumber if you can’t remedy the situation yourself.

But why let things get worse if you can prevent it in the first place? While regular cleaning appears to be a necessity, you can make your life easier by using a drain protector.

  • MAKE YOUR DRAINAGE FREE-FLOWING – Unclogging drainage is a hassle. Either you do it or hire someone for the task. Now with this drain protector, you have a simple solution to ensure the drainage is clear all the time. The holes will catch hair, toys and other objects that block your drain.
  • TALL & DOME-SHAPED – Not all drain protectors will suit your drainage. To ensure you’re getting the right one, it’s important to consider the type of your drain. Our drain protector is tall and dome-shaped, you won’t have to worry about this as it’s going to work well with flat and pop-up drains.
  • MADE OF DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL – With rustproof stainless steel construction, the drain protector is the perfect accessory for wet environments like showers, sinks, bathrooms. Durable and built for long-time use; you won’t need to replace this item anytime soon.
  • NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED – It’s so easy to use, just put in on top of the hole of the drainage. No screws. No need to assemble or disassemble anything. The weighted accent will keep it stable, and the edges will grip the floor so that no hair (or any object) will pass through it.
  • STYLISH BATHROOM ACCESSORY – At an affordable price, own this stylish drain protector or send it as a gift to someone who just moved to a new home.
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