Best Red Wine Decanter By Bella Vino Improves Wine Taste Softening Tannins FD18_1200ml

Bella Vino
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In the tradition of high quality wine services, decanters have become a staple among wine enthusiasts. Tannins get softened and rich aroma releases during the process of aerating. Bella Vino is created for the best aerating decanter.

Bella Vino is from the Italian words Bella(Beautiful) and Vino(Wine). Since it's founded, we focus on creating the most professional decanter for wine lovers. Beside the maximum aeration of wine, we also devote to improve the experience in daily use. The slanted top to avoid spills. Wide tunnel for easy washing and cleaning. Easy grip for pouring. And the elegant flowing curve design make it possible to display as a artwork in your room. Beside wine decanter, we also have all kinds of wine accessories and glass for your choice. Please search Bella Vino for more information.

Stay true to it's name. Hope that you can enjoy the Bella Vino with our decanter.

  • 100% LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL - Our red wine decanter is made of 100% lead-free crystal glass, transparent and crystal clear. It would be a great artwork in your room with the elegant design.The crystal carafe provide a smooth surface that you can pour out every bit of wine and wash easily. Just enjoy yourself.
  • BRING OUT THE RICHEST AROMA AND TASTE - Bella Vino red wine decanter is perfectly engineered for a standard 750ML bottle. The wine can reach the widest surface at 750ML for maximum aeration. Further more, to increase the air flow for oxygenating our decanter is designed with wider funnel and flue.
  • EASY POUR AND ANTI-SPILLS - Considering the situation during daily use, our decanter is designed with a slanted top so as to avoid spills and drips and easier for pouring. The narrow neck would make it easier to grip.
  • DECANT WINE LIKE A MASTER - Feel like a wine expert every time you use this amazing wine decanter. The wine was proved to be much smoother and richer. Impress your friends with the best aroma and taste.
  • 30 Days