BlissLights Colors Outdoor/Indoor Laser Projector LED Show Lawn Garden Light

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Spark Up Your Imagination and Create Unforgettable Events and Displays with the Magic of the COLOR –a Projector that projects thousands of pin-points of light combined with a 16-color LED! The COLOR will transform your indoor or outdoor space with a unique lighting experience by combining a high-quality16-color LED with the magic of thousands of pin points of light. This “3-in-1” lighting fixture with remote control allows you to turn on/off features on your COLOR to use it alone as a “firefly effect”, a multi-color accent light, OR combine the two effects to create a NEW look!
Additionally, you’ll be able to choose from one fixed color to any of the included LED added features. The included remote also lets users control the option of using one fixed color OR fade, flash, or morph into any of the color options to take the magic of fireflies to a new level with a complementary color combination! You’ll love all the fun ways to use your projector with LED! Let your imagination inspire you and create a world of color. Like previous models, this easy-to-set-up projector casts thousands of points of light over a wide area to instantly create an alluring environment.

  • Illuminate water fixtures, pools, ponds, and fountains.
  • Highlight landscapes, gardens, walkways, and more.
  • Create a soft, subtle glow in and indoor display
  • Use it as an “Instant Holiday Light” and eliminate complicated set-up
  • Bring attention to any display by making it pop with any of the 16-colors
  • Illuminate the wall behind your Christmas tree to match your color theme.
  • Flash your LED and project it on to your home for a festive look!

  • 2x COLOR LED Projecting light with built-in timer
  • Remote Control with 2 AAA batteries
  • Ground Stake
  • Floor Mount
  • Transformer
  • 30 Days