Double Electric Quiet Hygienic BPA Free 4 Modes 8 Suction Levels Breast Pump Kit

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Portable breast pumps is devoted to protecting breast health of the mother, specially designed 2 modes for this electric breast pump. Massage mode helps you relax your breasts before sucking, which is good for maximizing breast milk production and also reduce breast discomfort during sucking. Pumping mode provides gentle or strong suction levels, arranging from 1-16 to meet all your needs. Give this double breast pump a try and you'll see how useful it is. SUPER QUIET & SAFE & PAIN-FREE Super quiet which our electric breast pump features make you not worry about waking your baby when pumping during a nap or bedtime. Every part of this breast pump is made from food-grade silicone, PP (BPA FREE) and without harmful substances. No need to worry about potential chemicals leeching into mom's breast milk, assuring that breast milk will be 100% safe for your baby to consume.

  • 4 modes (Massage/Pumping/Auto/Memory) will allow you to relax your breasts before sucking, making your breast pumping more comfortable. And with the 16 suction levels for each mode, every mom will have a customized pumping mode for her own, which ensures a more efficient and pain-free breast pumping experience.
  • This smart breast pump is light and portable. Electric breast pump with a large-capacity rechargeable battery and USB cable allows you to use and charge the breast pump anywhere. You can charge it through power bank, laptop and etc.
  • Hygienic closed system will avoid flowing back, which makes it far healthier for use. What's more, each part of the hand-free breast pump can be separated and can be cleaned directly by hot water. The material and design of it reach the hospital-grade.
  • This double electric breast pump can work without noise, you can feel free to use it when your baby is sleeping. Automatic breast pump can suckle more efficiently and give more breast milk (80-300mmHg) in less time, saving up to 80% of your time than the manual breast pump.
  • 30 Days