Evergreen Superband Non-Toxic Mosquito Insect Repelling Wristband Pack of 50

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The SuperBand is a DEET free, non-toxic, waterproof, one size fits all insect repellent wristband. These molded plastic wristbands are infused with a special blend of natural insect repelling oils during the innovative manufacturing process. The Superband is fast and easy to use.

HOW DO YOU USE IT? Simply slip the SuperBand on your wrist or ankle and continue your day! No need to apply messy lotions or sprays. It can be used while playing golf, soccer, tennis, fishing, hiking, camping or any other indoor or outdoor games/activities. The waterproof nature of the product allows you to enjoy all of your normal activities without worrying about diluting the potency of the product.

WHY IS SUPERBAND THE BEST NON-TOXIC INSECT REPELLENT? The SuperBand repels insects and can be easily applied any place and any time. The SuperBand is DEET free and made from non-toxic oils. The SuperBand lasts up to 200 hours. The SuperBand is safe for adults and children over three with adult supervision.

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