Facial Cleansing Brush Silicone Face Scrub Brush Manual Exfoliating Brush Ultra Hygienic Waterproof Face Brush for Skin Exfoliation Anti-Aging Watermelon Red

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Face cleansing is a vital step for us, and we all know deep cleansing and exfoliating cannot be achieved with your bare hands or a washcloth. So you need a facial cleansing brush, gentle move by your hand to remove stubborn makeup, deep clean pores, reduce blackheads with maximum power & minimal effort so that you can brim with confidence in having fresh, glowing skin.

  • Our facial cleansing brush is made of Ultra Hygienic Soft Silicone, provides the softest and most gentle face cleansing and massage for all skin types normal.
  • Use our face cleansing brush can increase collagen & boosts circulation and reduce fine lines & wrinkles, restores skin’s firmness.
  • Our silicone face cleansing brush is hypoallergenic and waterproof. It is gentle enough for sensitive, delicate, or dry skin and can help exfoliate and remove oil from the face.
  • With a large-area surface, the cleansing brush will perfectly fit the contours of your face. After use, it will quickly evaporate moisture.
  • Smaller and more lightweight than your electronic versions, it can easily be taken with you to the gym or on your next trip. Ready to use, apply facial cleanser or makeup remover first, use it for deep cleansing.

  • Material: Silicone.
  • Size: 8 x 7 x 3 cm
  • Function: facial cleansing.
  • Work mode: manual control.
  • Application: all skin types.
  • 30 Days