Foldable Magazine File Holders Folders Multicolor Set of 2/4/6 Desk Office Organizer Bookshelf Space Management - Set of 2

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Foldable Magazine File Holders Folders Multicolor Set of 4 Desk Office Organizer Bookshelf Space Management

  • Suitable for magazines, journals, folders, personal, office, home or household documents, files, reports, study and lecture notes, notebooks, and more. Never again print something twice because you misplaced the original!
  • Includes two high-quality white gloss art paper covered cardboard foldable folder boxes and ten colored folders to fit
  • You can organize your office using this product, which is suitable as a desktop organizer or organizer for shelves, and as an alternative to hanging files or bankers boxes
  • This is the ideal cubicle accessory for someone aiming to maximize productivity and do it with the absolute cool reflected in the colors of the folders that are included with this product

    We decided to help save you time and make your office look great. It�s so much easier to find the document you are looking for when there is a clear and easily accessible label. But most documents, like journals, reports, magazines, and folders have little or no information that is easily visible on the spine, so we all end up having to sort through everything � and sometimes more than one box! � before we locate the exact thing we are looking for. Gone are the days of having to sort through boxes to find the right document. This product helps you quickly locate the document you are looking for, and helps you organize your documents in a way that makes them look tidy and attractive. Give your office or cubicle a make-over, it will make you feel good when you look around, and you will be efficient and in control. You can relax when you look up from productive work to see the pleasant folder colors that are available to match your own office.