Hammock Tree Straps 2 Pack for Camping Portable Ultraweight Loops

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Hammock Tree Straps 2 Pack for Camping Portable Ultraweight Loops

  • Fast easy setup it takes less than 1 minute to set up a hammock with camping hammock straps, with no complicated knots needed. Our two xl hammock straps provide safe suspension between any anchor points up to over 20 feet apart. They are tree-friendly, and can also safely attach to posts, large rocks, roof racks, boat masts, docks, and more. Our hammock tree straps are 100% compatible to use with any tree hammock.
  • The extra-long Plus adjustable hammock suspension system includes two hammocking straps that are 20 feet long combined + 2 tree attachment loops, allowing you to adjust the height of your hammock and achieve the perfect hanging angle. Straps’ extra length increases your options for finding the ideal location to place your hammock.
  • Multi-purpose these lightweight straps can be used for packing luggage, suitcases, backpacks, or even roof rack baggage. Built for heavy outdoor use, these straps are stronger than your typical bungee cord, and ideal even for motorcycling and bicycling when you need to tie down saddlebags.
  • Safe and reliable you will always feel secure with the hammock hanging kit. Each strap holds up to 1000 lbs (2000 lbs total). They are constructed with high density, 100% no-stretch, heavy-duty, triple-stitched polyester webbing, which ensures that you’ll stay at the same height at all times, with no worries about falling to the ground. Straps are designed for many years of use, with no signs of fraying.
  • Lightweight and portable, the hammock tree hanging straps set includes 2 hammock straps and easily fits into the included small carrying bag. The entire set is ultralight weighing less than a pound, making it excellent for backpacking, hiking, camping, and travel. It’s a must-have for your hammock accessories and camping gear. Note: carabiners are not included.
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