Heavy Duty Door Stop Security Wedge on Carpet, Concrete, Tile, Linoleum & Wood

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Strong enough to hold open the heaviest doors. Powerful gripping works on any surface including carpeting, concrete, stone, linoleum, tile, hardwood. A heavy duty door jam that will protector for the floor or walls of your home.

  • If you're tired of unannounced intrusions, our door stop is just what you're looking for. Secure your door from the inside for added security.
  • Stuck with a larger door gap? Use our door wedge multipack and simply combine them. These rubber door stopper holds open the heaviest of doors.
  • With a powerful grip, this versatile door holder pack works on concrete, stone, carpet, tile, hardwood, and linoleum. A sturdy addition for any room.
  • These door stopper wedges comes with an easy to use, adhesive holder - convenient for storing your doorstops out of the way until next use.
  • 30 Days