Kids Coloring Pack 24 Stencils 12 Colored Pencils 4 Fine Point Markers And Case

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Looking for an educational toy for unleashing your kid's creativity? Your search ends here. Lava Crafts provide you with a superb way to keep your child busy while learning at the same time, and without exposure to screens. Unleash your child�s inner artist with the Lava Crafts Boxed Stencil Set. Our boxed stencil kit for kids comes with 24 bright, eye-catching drawing stencils, which feature different letters, numbers, shapes, animals, flowers, and more - giving your child the freedom to create their own masterpieces. This stencil set also comes with a notepad, 12 colored pencils, 4 fine point markers, a pencil sharpener, a pair of plastic scissors, and a bonus mechanical pencil that is to be used for stencils with narrow holes.

  • Our kids stencil set comes with 30 reusable stencils, a drawing pad, colored pencils, a sharpener, and a pair of plastic scissors. Keep your kid buzzing with creativity all day!
  • Let your child's imagination run wild with our assortment of unique stencils, which feature letters, numbers, geometric shapes, flowers, animals, bugs, and much more.
  • Our boxed stencil set for kids includes a mechanical pencil, which has a smaller tip that is useful for tracing out stencils that have small and narrow drawing holes.
  • Our boxed stencil kit for kids comes with a sturdy plastic case, which has enough space to fit all the stencils, the note pad, and all the drawing and coloring materials.