Men's Swimming Jammers Seamless Anti-Chaffing Compression Athletic Swimwear

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Made entirely of non-chemical fabrics. The features include high elasticity, which means they retain their shape and support even after multiple uses, fitting a wide size range, varying from men to boys. Elasticity also grants compression of the leg, which means your speed will improve altogether, as the motion is made easier and friction is reduced. They reduce irritation of skin, as they repel the chlorine compound in water, and protect the skin from getting soaked.

  • Its flat-locked seams have anti-chafing properties allowing this swim jammer to provide coverage and support. Enhancing muscle compression, the suit aims to aid in recovery and reduce muscle fatigue of muscular tension. Snug fit which compresses the body can help reducing the friction associated with moving in the water, which improves speed.
  • Train better with super soft chlorine-resistant swimwear. Suited for repeated wearing, ultra thin and breathable fabric retains its shape, elastic and is suitable to fit all sizes for both young boys and men.
  • To perfectly fit your body size and shape, this one-piece swimming jammer is enhanced with an elastic drawstring. Providing optimal stretch, they provide a perfect, soft comfort and body-hugging fit.
  • Transport your swimming equipment safely, while keeping the other items in your bag dry. The jammers come in a waterproof case so you can easily carry them
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