Mini Exercise Bike Under Desk Bike Arm & Leg Peddler Machine, LCD Display

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The mini exercise bike allows you to start a workout anytime fits for you. A simple exercise with a mini bike will allow you to keep fit, lose weight. Main Feature: Adjustable Resistance Hand and foot pedals with adjustable strap, this exercise bike can be used to train arms and legs. Easy to adjust tension for various resistances with tension screw.

  • The mini exercise bike can be used to stimulate improve muscle strength, blood circulation, and coordination. It is designed specially for exercising arms and legs. The 4 anti-slip rubber pads protect the surfaces and prevent sliding and protect the surface during training.
  • 4-function display screen displays number of revolutions, exercise time, number of cycles, revolutions per minute (RPM) and calories burned, as well as a scan function that displays all details.
  • Easy to adjust the tension level through the tension knob to meet different experiences. Suitable for low-impact sports for beginners. Can be used by all ages.
  • 30 Days