Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit HACRADFUA for Nintendo Switch

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Make two Toy-Con RC Cars, a Fishing Rod, a Motorbike, a House, and a Piano using engineered, pre-cut cardboard sheets and fun, interactive instructions. Then, Play! Steer the RC Car, reel in fish from the ocean, drive your Motorbike, interact with a creature in the House, and play tunes on the Piano. Then, discover how it all comes to life with Nintendo Switch technology and, in Toy-Con Garage, invent new ways to play! Grab your own markers, stickers, and more to customize your Toy-Con creations.

  • The Variety Kit includes five different projects to Make, Play, and Discover: two Toy-Con RC Cars, a Toy-Con Fishing Rod, a Toy-Con House, a Toy-Con Motorbike, and a Toy-Con Piano!
  • Bring each Toy-Con creation to life with the power of the Nintendo Switch console and Joy-Con controllers
  • Discover the fun of customizing Toy-Con creations with your own stickers, markers, paint, new parts, and other original crafting ideas.
  • Experiment with a fun and powerful in-game visual tool in Toy-Con Garage, where you connect input, output, and middle nodes to create your own basic or elaborate ideas for Toy-Con creations!
  • With the Variety Kit and the included Toy-Con Garage mode, you can invent new ways to play with your Toy-Con Fishing Rod, Motorbike, House, and Piano by using special input nodes or create your very own Toy-Con projects!

    Package Includes:
  • 28 cardboard sheets (includes extra sheet for customization)
  • Gray and blue eyelet set
  • Nintendo Labo Variety Kit software
  • Orange and blue string
  • Six rubber bands (small) + spares
  • Three reflective sticker sheets
  • Three sponge sheets
  • Two rubber bands (large) + spares
  • 1 year