Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit HACRADFVA for Nintendo Switch

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Make a Toy-Con Robot suit…to become a robot in the game! Fold engineered, pre-cut cardboard sheets by following interactive instructions and then suit up to get playing. Wreck in-game environments and beat challenges to unlock powerful abilities. Then, discover how the Toy-Con Robot comes to life with Nintendo Switch technology and, in Toy-Con Garage, invent new ways to play! Bust out your own markers, stickers, and more to customize your Toy-Con Robot suit-or enter the Hanger to customize your in-game robot's appearance. By moving your hands and feet, you can maneuver the robot in the game, unleash your moves, or make sound effects!

  • Make your very own Toy-Con Robot suit. Fold engineered, pre-cut cardboard and wear it to become a robot in the game!
  • Play as a robot - Demolish your in-game surroundings and take on challenges to unlock powerful abilities.
  • Customize your robot's in-game appearance and use your own markers and other supplies to decorate your Toy-Con Robot.
  • Challenge a friend using their own Toy-Con Robot in a two-player battle mode on a single screen
  • With the Robot Kit and the included Toy-Con Garage mode, you can invent new ways to play with your Toy-Con Robot by using special input nodes or create your very own Toy-Con projects

    Package Includes:
  • 19 cardboard sheets
  • Four cardstock sheets
  • Gray canvas straps (large and medium)
  • Nintendo Labo Robot Kit software
  • Reflective sticker sheet
  • Ten eyelet sets (gray)
  • Two eyelet sets (orange)
  • Two gray canvas straps (small)
  • Two orange and blue strings
  • 1 year