Nonwoven Self-Adhesive Bandage Cohesive First Aid Wrap Elastic Tape 2" Wide, Nude

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Bandages features great adhesive quality, which makes it glutinous. Owing to the self-adhesive ability, it will adhere well to itself but poorly to the skin, hair, and clothing.

  • Effective and Economic. Bright colors make it fun when kids might need first aid. Nice assortment of colors for many preferences.
  • These elastic bandages have many advantages over non-adhesive ones as they have self-adhering ability, but not to adhere to other surface such as skin, hair, and clothing. It is also very easy to pull off.
  • Tapes also helps give support to injured joints, and general soreness. You can also use the tapes as a bandage for wounds.
  • Bandages are made from high quality porous fabric for ventilation. It is light weight, and can be used for pets as well.
  • 2" Wide, with a maximum stretched length 5 Yards for a roll.