Original Belt Perry Suspenders Clip-On Suspender - All Colors, Sizes & Width's

Perry Suspenders
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Perry Suspenders feature the patented Perry Hook in place of clips or buttons. Unlike conventional suspenders, which are notorious for popping off, Perry Suspenders will not come off until you take them off. Built with high-quality, durable materials, Perry Suspenders are made to last. Instead of clips or buttons, Perry Suspenders feature Perry Hooks which attach to your belt. The Perry Hooks eliminate the problems associated with other types of suspenders while giving you the security and comfort that suspenders should provide.

  • Unlike clip-on suspenders, Perry Suspenders won't come off until you take them off!
  • Perry Suspenders easily hook under the belt
  • Perry Suspenders will not damage your pants, belt, furniture or car seat
  • Loosen your belt and relax in comfort with Perry Suspenders
  • Made of durable, high quality materials, Perry Suspenders are built to last
  • 1 year