Potty Training Reward Chart with 4 Weekly Charts, 1 Diploma, 210 Colorful Stars

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Potty Training Reward Chart with 4 Weekly Charts, 1 Diploma, 210 Colorful Stars Motivational Toilet Training

Potty training your toddlers doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience! The seat adapter helps children feel safe when learning to use the toilet and is perfect for most elongated and round bowls. The integrated urine splash guard prevents accidents and makes cleaning a breeze. We also include a FREE Potty Training Chart with stickers. Farewell diapers!

  • Potty seats feature luxurious ComfySeat material which helps your child feel comfortable. Increase your child's confidence with the added stability of the GrippySafe Anti-Slip Ring which eliminates the fear of falling in by preventing the seat from moving around.
  • No kiddie handles or grips needed! Our portable toilet trainers are ergonomically designed, and compact enough to pack for use on toilets during travel or in cars.
  • As parents, we believe that baby products should be stylish and functional. That is why we designed our potty training seat to fit any bathroom decor. As opposed to squatty potties and potty chairs that take up valuable space, our soft potty ring comes with a suction cup and hook screw for convenient storage on the wall or the side of your toilet tank, allowing the trainer to be an adornment to your bathroom instead of disruption.

    When we say this Toilet Trainer is made to support confident families, we mean it. The Toilet Trainer is among the best in the market and its sleek and stable design will give your children the confidence boost they need. Whether you are about to start out, or already on your way, we’ll help you help your child say goodbye to diapers as hassle-free as possible!