PowerSkin Protective Case with Built-in Battery for Motorola DROID X and DROID X2 - Black

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Product Description

With twice the power for your Motorola Droid X & Droid X2, your life charges on. You can keep working. Keep playing. Keep moving. PowerSkin® is your go-to, go-anywhere, go on-and-on power source. Because battery life is life.

And when (not if) you drop your Motorola Droid X & Droid X2 along the way, life charges on. With a sleek, protective design that fits your phone and your style like a second skin, PowerSkin® is there where the silicone rubber hits the road of your life. More, PowerSkin® is XPAL Powered, meaning it's charged by patented battery technology that reflects the highest standards of safety, quality, and performance. We've got you — and your Motorola Droid X & Droid X2 — covered.

At - A - Glance

  • Built-in Battery
  • One Piece Anti-shock Case
  • Power On/Off Button
  • Rechargeable
  • 100% Recycled Case
PowerSkin in Use
Phone with PowerSkin®

(2X) Twice the Power

The PowerSkin® has a built-in 1500mAh capacity battery that provides Xtra power to your Motorola Droid X & Droid X2. Doubling the power for your smartphone.

Power Management On/Off

Control how you use your extra power. Just hold the battery check button located on the back for 6 seconds to turn off the PowerSkin® from providing power to your smartphone and vice versa to turn it back on.

Power Status Indicator

Smart LEDs on the back, monitors the power status and lets you know when it's time to recharge.

Rechargeable Power

When recharging your PowerSkin® and Smartphone. Built -in smart technology knows to charge your phone first and the PowerSkin® second - in case you don't have the time to charge both, your phone comes first.

Patented Universal Charging Cable System

A flexible cable system integration allows user to extend charging cable out for use with any micro usbe phone or device. Simply pull out, plug in, set and charge.

XPAL Power Tecnhnology

All Product integrate a minimum of 12 safety logices into every cell for maximum protection of the battery, the device, and the user. In addition, each product uses a mathematical circuit control unit with built-in proprietary software to control and reulate temperature, voltage and current.

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