PowerSkin Spare 1600mAh Rechargeable Extended Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

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The PowerSkin Spare, just as the name suggests, offers spare power to get you through the day. The Spare provides the extra power you need - for the power drainer, big screens on today's smartphones - all cleverly tucked into an easy-to-Snap-On/off protective shell.

  • Only 5.7 mm thickness to your device; Uni-body super thin profile
  • Sleek and slim contemporary one-piece design for quick and easy installation
  • Capacity 1600 mAh battery offers the power you need to make it through the day
  • Polycarbonate material protects and fits to your phone's natural shape
  • On/off & battery check button, rechargeable built-in battery; LED battery & charging indicator
  • 30 Days