Refurbished Hitachi Ultrastar 7K4000 2TB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive SATA 7200RPM 64MB

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For high-capacity, reliable and affordable storage the HGST Ultrastar 7K4000 2GB delivers economical data center storage. Designed for cost-effective, efficient, high-volume storage, the drive includes the innovative Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS) technology to optimize drive reliability in multi-drive RAID arrays and rack-mounted systems. Engineered for the highest quality, the Ultrastar 7K4000 passes stringent reliability testing. The ultra-reliable Ultrastar 7K4000 delivers the value you need to lower your data center's TCO.

  • 2 Terabyte capacity
  • SATA/600 interface
  • 600 MB/s transfer rate
  • 7200 RPM spindle speed
  • 64 MB data buffer
  • 8.0 ms average seek time
  • 181 MB/s sustained transfer rate
  • Sector size (bytes): 512n
  • Max. areal density (Gbits/sq. in): 475 (512n)
  • 2.0 million hours MTBF
  • Thermal Fly-height Control (TFC)
  • SMART command transport
  • 3.5-inch form factor

  • Cloud storage
  • Massive Scale Out (MSO)
  • Data warehousing & mining
  • Disk-to-disk backup & archiving
  • RAID arrays
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)

    Power Specifications:
  • 5V, 450mA
  • 12V, 850mA

    Package Includes:
  • Hitachi (IBM Dual Label) Ultrastar 7K4000 2 Terabyte SATA/600 Hard Drive
  • 30 Days