Refurbished Smart Tower Tabletop Heater PTC Ceramic Heating, WIFI, Alexa, Google-1500w-White

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Smart Oscillating Personal Portable Tabletop Heater PTC Ceramic Heating, WIFI, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant-1500w/1000w-White

  • Large Touch Screen Panel : Panel Can be used without the App. Manual Control Pad & Digital Display features buttons for turning the Personal Portable Tabletop Heater On/Off, Changing the Temperature, able to switch between 3 Modes (High, Low & ECO), turning oscillation On/Off & setting the timer.

  • Voice Activated & WIFI Enabled: Control your Personal Portable Smart Tabletop Heater from your phone at Anytime! Turn the Smart Heater ON/OFF, change temperature, create schedules, & much more using the FREE Smart App! Also works using very simple voice commands with Google Assistant & Alexa.

  • Will Heat Up Quickly: Very quite 1500W PTC Ceramic Smart Heating technology warms the surrounding air to 70 degrees in as little as 2 seconds flat! Provides wonderful comfortable heat for rooms up to 750 square feet. Wide-angle oscillation warms up every and all corners of your room!

  • Stability & Safety: You will receive instantly a phone notification if the Smart Heater tips over. ETL Certified. Has Built-In overheat protection, cool to the touch handle & housing, Sturdy base & a 360 degree Tip-Over safety switch. Works on Any floor surface, even Carpet!

  • This Smart Personal Portable Tabletop Heater responds to very simple voice commands using your Alexa or Google Assistant, easy hands free operation! The slim frame helps it fit spatially & aesthetically practically anywhere. The carry handle is for portability, sturdy base & plenty of other safety features allow you to use and easily transport and move your Portable Smart Heater around your home where needed. Also, there’s no installation needed! Just download the free Smart app to your phone to set schedules for the smart heater to pre-warm your home, small office space, restroom, gym, living room, kitchen & other rooms in the house before you enter your home. At any time you can turn off any smart tabletop heaters placed throughout the house from the comfort of your bed or anywhere in the house!
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