Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1600PA Robotic Vacuum Sweeper with Self-Charging 360¡ Smart Sensor Protection Multiple Cleaning Modes Vacuum Best for Pet Hairs Hard Floor & Carpet

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Intelligent protection - The robot vacuum cleaner has drop sensor technology. Robot Vacuum can avoid falling down stairs and off of ledges. You don't need to pay attention to its safety all the time. Smart movement system - With infrared sensor technology, easily identify furniture and obstacles, and the optimal route will be planned for efficient and completely clean every time. No dead corner cleaning - 27 ° dual-edge sweeping brushes clean the garbage and dust that cannot be cleaned in the corners of the walls and furniture. Automatically recharge - When the robot vacuum battery is low, the robotic vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the charging station by intelligent sensing, so there is no need to worry about power exhaustion or manually moving the robot vacuum cleaner. Multi-function cleaning mode - A variety of cleaning modes can meet your cleaning in different situations. The preset vacuuming time ensures that you can clean thoroughly without any effort while doing other things. Large capacity dust box - The robot vacuum has an O.5L dust box and complete accessories, which can accommodate more garbage. Easy to clean and install. Clean up the entire home for you.

  • Powerful Suction Technology - 1600PA MAX strong suction to absorb dust, debris, and dirt.
  • With automatic carpet supercharging function, easy to operate with remote control.
  • Intelligent Cleaning System - 2.83 "low-grade design, effectively identify furniture, obstacles, and stairs.
  • Premium Features - The infrared sensor prevents unnecessary collisions, anti-drop technology prevents falls.
  • The automatic charging function ensures that it is always kept clean.
  • 30 Days