Smart Technique Automatic Fat Loss Program - Step 1 & 2 Books - 12 CDs - 6 Books

Smart Technique
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The Smart Technique Automatic Fat Loss Program has amazing CD weight loss programs, the only program designed specifically to make weight loss automatic. It is a program that can be of benefit throughout your entire lifetime, first in helping to make losing weight automatic and then in helping you keep the weight off. PHASE I - REPROGRAMMING YOUR MIND TO BE THIN: In this first phase you'll discover exactly why the SMART technique is so effective; how you can begin putting these techniques to work instantly; why this approach is the only one clinically proven; why the SMART technique makes weight loss as simple as Listen and Lose; begin reprogramming your mind to make your body thin. PHASE II - REPROGRAMMING YOUR RESPONSES TO FOOD AND EXERCISE: You begin to easily overcome the two biggest obstacles that make losing weight virtually impossible; eliminate those seemingly uncontrollable cravings and unconscious eating habits; replace years of accumulated fat programs with all new think programs; make losing weight as effortless and automatic as breathing. PHASE III - THE SMART TECHNIQUE FOR STAYING LEAN FOR LIFE: With this third and final stage you'll learn how to use a powerful visualization technique to create permanent thin habits; advanced techniques that can dramatically accelerate your results; how to break through weight loss plateaus; how to effectively stop emotional eating; and the best way to overcome sabotage from friends and family. Features: Identify and STOP the unconscious habits that sabotage your ability to lose weight Overcome the unconscious thoughts that program you for failure End your struggles with food and eating Double your weight-loss results and become lean for life Includes: Step 1 & 2 Books, 12 CDs, and 6 Books

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