Solar Power Robot Engineering Learning Toys Education Solar Robot Kit 11 in 1 Kids 8+

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Solar Power Robot Engineering Learning Toys Education Solar Robot Kit 11 in 1 Kids 8+

  • Including 11 synthetic shapes. Seven animal models, three vehicle models, and a humanoid robot with his dog. Obstacle avoiding, excavator, forklift, elephant, pterosaur, monkey, ostrich, crocodile, scorpion, etc. The solar robot kit is composed of 190 pcs, including moving and connecting parts like gears, plates, tires, and shafts. All parts are made of non-toxic ABS material and are durable.
  • Solar robot kits for kids can easily disassemble after building each robot. Solar power kits are driven by solar power to walk, float and roll without batteries.
  • The solar robot toys have a solar panel that converts solar energy into kinetic energy to drive the robot toys. You just need to put it in the sunlight outdoors or in the strong light indoors.
  • These accessories are specially designed for small hands, they can be easily assembled together. Kids can grasp and manipulate objects with both hands, and improve children's manual flexibility through small and precise movements. Can also let the children in a certain period of time, a good focus, exercise the child's patience, through unlimited imagination to complete the assembly, enjoy countless hours of fun
  • Children can learn the whole process of converting light energy into electric energy to generate electricity in the process of assembling a solar robot, and cultivate their interest in science and technology, and physical consciousness. Learn STEM projects logical thinking, learn problem-solving and reasoning skills. Kids will love to explore and use the stem solar robot toy
  • if you want to give a gift to your kids, why not give the artificial intelligence robot that can make children learn skills happily while playing? This discovery toys gift is also very suitable for adults and children to participate in the construction, closer to the parent-child relationship. Ideal gift for Christmas, birthday, children's day, stem school activities, summer camp activities, and New Year

    This solar robot can change many shapes, each shape is different in size and shape so that children are full of infinite curiosity about robots. For children, it is challenging and full of fun. The assembled robot can even lift or move some light things, adding fun to children!
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