Stella Puppy Training Pads & Floor Protectors, 28" X 34" White/Blue - 40 Pack

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Stella disposable doggy puppy wee wee pet pads, provides a highly effective protection. Super absorbent and super soft wee wee under pad for better comfort. Under pads is applied with poly meter to offer extra absorbency and protection, only one pad needed at a time. 100% latex-free. Super compressed. Tightly sealed all around to prevent any leakage. Non-skid backing stays in place.

  • PET TRAINING PADS: Leak-proof quick drying odor free under pads
  • SUPER ABSORBENT CHUX: Absorb huge amounts of liquid without leaking or damaging floors
  • DOGGY UNDER PAD: Pad measures 28 x 34 inches with the center pad measuring 27 x 33 inches
  • PUPPY HOUSEBREAKING: Great for training new puppies, elderly or sick dogs, extended indoor stays, or for use while traveling
  • 40 DOG PEE PADS: Fits all standard training pad and dog pad holders
  • 30 Days