Adventure Medical 72 Hours Urban Survival Disaster Relief Backpack Kit

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The Urban Survivor is the first survival kit that Survive Outdoors LongerTM has introduced in the new SMART PREPPER SERIES. The Urban Survivor is specifically designed for 1 person to survive the unexpected disaster for at least 72 hours. The easily grab and go backpack is packed with range of survival areas such as; Survival Tools, First Aid, Hygiene, Nutrition and Literature with room to personalize your kit. Plan to survive the expected or unexpected disaster with the Urban Survivor.

  • Easily portable backpack for a quick grab-and-go situation
  • Includes the Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight Watertight 0.3 First-Aid Kit, a comprehensive award-winning first-aid kit for multiple scenarios
  • SOL Emergency Blanket helps you stay warm with 90% body-heat reflectivity
  • Fire-starting Tinder Quik and sparker help you get a fire going
  • Three 400-calorie food bars keep your energy up
  • LED headlamp allows for hands-free work
  • Duct tape repairs gear and secures shelters
  • Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine walks you through step-by-step scenarios and how to survive
  • Emergency rain poncho keeps your dry in emergencies
  • Assembled in U.S. of foreign and domestic components
  • Made in USA
  • 30 Days