T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data in USA For 60 Days

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  • The plan has unlimited calls, texts and data at 4G LTE in USA
  • You can port-in your number or get a new number. For new numbers, please provide a zip code and we will activate the number according to the zip code. If zip code will not provided, we will activate with Los Angeles zip code.
  • The sim card is triple cut model - it has all sizes, nano, micro, standard.
  • The plan is good for smartphones only. It will not work on Modems, tablets, WiFi devices etc.
  • Please check T-Mobile coverage because we are not able to hold responsibility for coverage issues: https://www.t-mobile.com/coverage/coverage-map
  • Once activated, the sim will be good for 60 days. The funds in the account will not be able to be transferred to other accounts and there is no refund for unused airtime
  • Sim swap is not allowed on the account, in case of sim swap, T-Mobile is allowed to cancel the account and they will not refund the payment.
  • When using the line in Canada or Mexico, the Roaming option need to be turned on since this is a roaming service. T-Mobile doesn't cover the area outside the USA. there is no additional charge for using the plan in Canada and Mexico.
  • Activation must be done within 90 days after purchase. We cannot guarantee the activation after 90 days.
  • Activation could take up to 6 hours during business hours and up to 48 hours during holidays and weekends.
  • This promo price is being offered by us only, Please make sure to contact us for any question. Do not contact T-Mobile as you may lose the promotion and will have to pay full price.
  • Please use the instructions in the package in order to activate this sim.
  • If you received a defective sim card, we will be happy to send another one instead. Defective sim cards are not out of the ordinary.
  • 30 Days