Touchless Stationary Vacuum 1400 Watts Professional Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

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  • The MANUAL Mode will run for 5 seconds. Depending on the amount of debris, it may be necessary to press the Manual Activation Button more than once.

  • When the Control Dial is turned to the AUTO position, sweep debris towards the Inlet at the Base of the unit and the HAIR VACUUM. Sensors will detect the debris and automatically initiate a timed vacuuming cycle which will terminate once the HAIR VACUUM Sensors no longer detect debris. HAIR VACUUM will vacuum the debris through the Inlet and into the Collection Bin without you ever having to bend over or touch the dirt.

  • Use the Manual Activation Button to begin vacuuming in either the HAIR VACUUM or AUTO Modes.

  • As debris accumulates, the Collection Bin will need to be emptied. The Collection Bin Indicator Light lets you know when it's time to empty the Collection Bin.
  • 30 Days