Ultrasonic Pest Control Eco-Friendly Electronic Waves Ultrasonic Pest Repeller PR1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6W Electronic Plug-in Pest Repeller 2 Pack White

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Ultrasonic Pest Control Eco-Friendly Electronic Waves PR1 Ultrasonic 6W Electronic Plug-in 2 Pack White

  • JUST PLUG IN: Electronic is so simple to use. Just plug this pet-safe device into any power socket, and you are ready to get rid of annoying insects and rodents. Drive all those pesky bugs away with our powerful, high-frequency technology. Bugs and rodents will make a beeline right out of your home.
  • NON-TOXIC, NO CHEMICALS, NOISELESS: Unlike most pest devices, our high-frequency pest control plug-in uses no smelly sprays or chemicals, operates noiseless, and is 100 percent nontoxic. This means our pest rejected ultrasonic device is not only Pet Friendly (Cats, Dogs) but also perfect for anyone in your house including children and adults.
  • WORKS ON ALL KINDS OF BUGS and RODENTS: If you are battling with Flies, Fruit Flies, Mosquitos, Roaches, Spiders, Mice, Rats, or cockroaches then this device is ready to solve your problems without the mess, chemicals, or noise. Plus, our ultrasonic pest defender is Energy Efficient and works in complete silence as our electric pest control ultrasonic creates an impenetrable barrier around the inside of your home from unwanted pests.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE: Our roach killer pet safe electronic indoor blocks insects from 1,600 square feet, and with your Two Pack you will have full coverage for up to 3,200 square feet across two large rooms. Not only that, the built-in LED Light (On/Off switch) in house will guide the way for your family at night.
  • POWERFUL PROTECTION, HAPPINESS ASSURED: We use the most robust ultrasonic technology available. Will form a boundary around the inside of your home. Your whole family will love living without bugs and rodents. We guarantee your complete happiness.