Von Dutch Unisex Trucker Style Hat - One Size

Von Dutch
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Von Dutch caps are known for quality and durability. Stand out form the crowd by sporting one of these caps!

At the age of 15, Von Dutch took a job as a mechanic at George Beerup’s Motorcycle Shop, at a time when pinstriping on cars and motorcycles was a dead art. While working at Beerup’s Shop, he would sometimes take a motorcycle home and pinstripe just for the sake of art. He would bring them back to the shop and the shop owner was amazed at what Von Dutch could create and while that may have ended his short lived tenure as a mechanic as the shop, he was now in painting and striping. Over the next decade Von Dutch honed his art form and built his reputation as the Godfather of Modern Day Pinstriping.

  • One Size Fits Most, Unisex design
  • Reinforced Brim & Lightly Padded Sweatband
  • Embroidered Original Von Dutch Design
  • Cotton/Polyester material with Adjustable Snap Back
  • Baseball / Trucker Hat Style
  • 30 Days