ZoomQube 6-Sided Light Up Cube for up to 6 Players, Music and Prompt Sounds

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GAME OF SKILL AND REACTION! Play faster, and score higher! You can play alone or battle friends with up to 6 different challenging play modes. Test your skills against time with the fun light game that is truly addicting. Can you get the highest score without tripping the light! The score is calculated based on the number of lights captured before the time runs out.

  • Find the lights as fast as you can and disable them in the easier training version of Light Speed ​​Prime.
  • The fastest version or "Light Speed" is ​​for more experienced players. A true Light Speed ​​Pro player should be able to beat his Light Speed ​​Prime score.
  • Pass it! Find the light, press it, and pass to the next player. Players who can't find the light in time will be eliminated until one player will be left as the winner
  • Quick Memory! Creates a pattern of lights for you to repeat, adding one more light each round to compounding difficulty. The score is determined on the number of rounds completed. Full load! One light will move at a time on all sides.
  • Press a light, and it will begin to flash. Complete the game by making the six sides flash. The score is determined based on the time taken to complete. The lower the score, the better.
  • Each side of the cube reproduces a different sound associated with a light. Find the loudest sound and press the illuminated button. See how fast you can achieve complete silence.

    Specifications Item dimensions: 3" x 3" x 3"
  • It works with 3 AAA batteries. (Not included).
  • Recommended age 5 years and up.
  • The images are illustrative. The colors may vary.
  • 1 year